Providing resources to further understanding and advocacy for
animals and the law
Providing resources to further understanding and advocacy regarding animals and the law
Welcome to the Animal Law Resource Center

The Animal Law Resource Center provides access to legislation and legal matters pertaining to animals and the law. Information concerning animal cruelty, animal control, laboratory animal welfare, wildlife management and other issues related to animals in our society are included in this site. The content is updated regularly and is presented in searchable databases to help legal professionals, students, advocates and the general public make sense of a wealth of information and resources regarding legal and legislative issues.


The Animal Law Resource Center strives to present both objective and authoritative commentary. It also provides guidance for individuals who wish to become advocates for animals by using our legal system effectively . By utilizing information contained on state and federal websites, we provide the public direct access to pending legislation and current laws. The Animal Law Resource Center presents accurate and timely resources for our users.


Model laws are provided to assist legislators and advocates who wish to enact animal protective measures at the state or local level. A bibliography of animal law resources, updated quarterly, gives a comprehensive list of publications in the emerging field of animal law. And a growing section on case law helps make sense of legal trends and track opinions of courts around the country on a variety of animal-related issues.


Please note that the Animal Law Resource Center does NOT provide legal advice or referrals and is not responsible for the timeliness or accuracy of information on third-party websites.


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